Ice Cube Boyz N the Hood

Ice Cube Boyz N the Hood

The Ice Cube Boyz N the Hood character is legendary. Please note that the 1991 urban classic, Boyz N the Hood, was a reference to the N.W.A. rap son released 1987 and written by O’shea Jackson, Sr.. Jackson Sr, professionally known as Ice Cube, was born in L.A. on June 15, 1969. With Eazy-E and Dr. Dre, Ice Cube formed the pioneering and controversial rap group N.W.A. in 1987. Ice Cube’s first experience with acting came with his role as Doughboy in the movie Boyz N the Hood after meeting film director John Singleton. According to John Singleton, the role of the character Doughboy was specifically written for Ice Cube.

Ice Cube Boyz N the Hood

In the movie Doughboy was the childhood friend to the character “Tre” played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and half-brother to the character “Ricky” played by Morris Chestnut. Doughboy was also a crips gang member. His appearance in Boyz N the Hood then led to more roles in movies such as Trespass, Anaconda, Dangerous Ground, and CB4 where he played himself. Ice Cube also directed videos for well known artist such as Prince and Color Me Badd. Fast forward to now, the actor/rap artist is now also known as an accomplished filmmaker himself. Ice Cube is the producer and writer behind films such as Friday, The Player’s Club, and All About the Benjamins.

Watch as Ice Cube discusses Boyz N the Hood and his experience working with John Singleton.

John Singleton, also a Los Angeles Native, died

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